Unified Engagement.
Connect Powerfully.

Connected Customer Communities
Your Own Brand Community
Build and engage your own branded customer community in a contextual, location-aware & real time manner
Segmented Engagement
Segment and engage multiple customer audiences based on their profile, relationship and behavioral attributes
Integrate Channel Partners
Enable your sales & service channel partners to engage & serve your customers directly in a consistent & compliant manner
Global + Local Engagement
Engage your customers at multiple geo-levels including global, national and local, with the option of geo-fenced venues
Flexible Engagement Models
Easily deploy a broad mix of engagement functionality that spans content, conversations, campaigns and new + existing services
Across Mobile and Web
Engage customers seamlessly across mobile and web, with ability to embed experience within existing mobile apps
Channel Business Acceleration
Targeted Channel Partner Engagement
Engage multiple channel segments via targeted content, conversations, campaigns and services on a single platform
Enable Partners to Engage Customers
Enable partners with the necessary assets and tools to engage customers in a consistent & compliant manner
Branded Engagement Interfaces (or Apps)
Enable Channel partners to engage customers via their own branded engagement interfaces within your customer engagement app
Instant Access to Resources
Offer instant access to training, content, and experts to help channel partners instantly address sales or service needs
Leverage Existing Systems
Easily leverage and expose existing systems including partner portals, deal registration etc. via the mobile app
Multi-level Engagement
A single platform to drive 360-degree, multi-level, contextual engagement between the brand, partner & customers

Use the latest technology to engage your stake-holders.
On mobile.

Direct Sales Acceleration
Org-aware Sales Interactions
Drive organization and territory-aware instant messages so that Sales teams can see communication related to their region and leadership
Instant, Contextual Access to All Resources
Deploy an engagement layer that straddles enterprise content, systems and people resources that sales force can quickly access
Crowdsourced Sales Support
Deliver cheaper & better sales support with internally crowdsourced Expert Help from across the enterprise
Gather Field Intelligence Anonymously
Gather candid field intelligence & feedback anonymously including deal losses and competitive threats
Leverage Existing Systems
Enable instant mobile access to existing systems like CRM and assets including Sales portals
Branded, Multi-Context Solution
A single App built around Sales-specific needs and deployed very quickly in the Cloud

Targetted Contextual Unified Engagement
On mobile.