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Augmented Reality
Augmented reality is a burgeoning industry with revolutionary applications and Crescent Info Soft is constantly on the effort to remain at the edge of the technology. With Augmented reality, Crescent Info Soft, can create truly unique and amazing solutions to engage your audience across a wide spectrum. The limits of augmented reality are endless and continuously re-defined and Crescent Info Soft is at the forefront making sure our expertise aligns with the latest in innovations.

Integrate Augmented reality into your project to bring it to the next level. Augmented reality brings in a whole new world of engagements that are only limited by your imagination. Experience and re-define your project today with augmented reality.
Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality technology has seen explosive growth over the past 10 years and particularly in the last 5 years or so and Crescent Info Soft has kept up with it. Virtual Reality technology has a wide array of applications whether it be for specialised training, risk minimisation or immersive product experiences.

The bounds of virtual reality are constantly being pushed and applications possibilities are endless. We can craft a solution to fit your project and take your project further in its effectiveness. At Crescent Info Soft, you're able to harness tomorrow's technology, today.

Creating new technology and a new world.